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Mandrien Consulting Group Is a Proponent Of Organizational Acceleration

Mandrien Consulting Group Is a Proponent Of Organizational Acceleration


Mandrien Consulting GroupMandrien Consulting Group is familiar with companies that are trying to create a new department, reorganize internally, develop a new product or find a new technology solution. More often than not, these changes take much longer to implement than originally planned. A project expected to last three months may end up taking six months. By using a method that measures historical acceleration, companies are better able to predict the time frame of the project and set realistic expectations for its completion.

This method of historical acceleration is a crucial component of the process that Mandrien Consulting Group consistently uses to help companies and organizations reach their goals. Historical acceleration helps to outline organizational reality and gives a more realistic measure for the future. Basically, historical acceleration is the typical rate that the organization moves from the generation of a new idea to its final implementation.


How Can Historical Acceleration Be Calculated?


Average Historical Acceleration = Organization Change Divided By Time


The above formula is the one used by companies such as Mandrien Consulting Group in order to gain a clearer picture of how a company or organization tends to reach its goals. When this method becomes part of a company’s planning process, the road from idea to reality can become smoother and more efficient. How quickly a company or organization can accomplish tasks and the desired direction of the company are taken into consideration in this process.

By using the above formula for historical acceleration, a company can put together a design plan that is reasonable, achievable, and most importantly, predictable. This method allows the organization to predict how quickly a specified object can be reached and how far it has to go to get there.

The Mandrien Consulting Group has a history of customer service and corporate knowledge. They have years of experience helping companies and organizations reach their goals. Mandrien Consulting Group uses this method of historical acceleration to help companies reduce the uncertainty that is inherent in all new projects and ideas.


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Mandrien Consulting Group Sees Change Management As New Wave In Title Industry

Mandrien Consulting Group sees a new wave of change management in the title industry. Title agencies across the country are embracing organizational transformation to gain better economies of scale. To this end, the title industry will see a more modern approach to business process management.

Mandrien Consulting Group on Dodd Frank

With the aim to protect the consumer and in a comeback to the credit crisis, the Dodd-Frank Act was enacted in July 21, 2010. The act is made up of many provisions, rule making directives, and studies to be conducted which may impact the numerous registered investment companies and registered investment advisers. The Act is thought to be a major change in legislation regarding the regulation and supervision of financial institutions.

Mandrien Consulting Group knows that the economic and financial crises had its beginnings in the substandard practices of mortgage writers. The traditional underwriting practices were ignored in the days of the real estate boom; this, in turn, gave rise to perilous mortgages and practices, like allowing loans with “negative amortization” attributes and to propagation of inferior mortgages. To stop such misleading practices from taking place again, the comprehensive mortgage reform legislation was passed in 2007 along with the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008 (SAFE Act). The Mortgage Act amends provisions of the truth in Lending Act (TILA) to revolutionize mortgage practices and to hold individuals accountable for these practices.

Mandrien Talks Title Plants – What Is This Strange Thing

A title plant, as defined by Mandrien, is a comprehensive accumulation of land records in a particular jurisdiction. The architect of a title plant indexes all of the documents filed in a courthouse against legal descriptions for the properties when legal descriptions are available. Accordingly when an abstractor is examining title in a given survey or subdivision all the records pertaining to the land are found in the same part of the plant. Mandrien information reflects that plants are family owned businesses passed down through generations. Originally title plants were hand written into large books known as “tract” books. Tracts books are usually very large books which take up large amounts of space and only one person can use them at a time.
Most plants have already gone through the expense of microfilming or scanning their information. Typical progression for older plants is from paper to microfiche (or microfilm) and then to computers or a combination of these.There are still Plant owners who think protecting their asset means keeping it to themselves and NOT making the information available to others. If you are the only title plant in a county then you have a “legal” monopoly in the county and until now, keeping data to oneself may have made sense.But, advances in technology makes it possible to build a quality title plants to compete with a plant in operation for decades. Current Mandrien research indicates that the “new” plant may not be as detailed or go back as far as the one in business for generations but if it meets the state requirements and is sufficient for examining title then it will likely be acceptable to the Underwriters.
The latest technology to convert all data into an electronic format, making information available via the Internet, using contacts from the sale of online data to generate more business for the agency and creating additional revenue by providing data through mulitple sources. The end results may be to make it less economically attractive for competitors to move into a market.

Mandrien Consulting Group is a highly renowned company

Mandrien Consulting Group is a highly renowned company in the mortgage and title insurance industry. Their meticulous guidance allows clients to operate more efficiently, with the primary objective being rapid and intelligent growth. Consultations are provided by top level professionals, each vetted through Mandarin Consulting Group’s rigid hiring process. The company is committed to keeping a diverse range of consultants, from innovative young talent to experienced veterans. Through this combination of creativity and knowledge, the company is flexible enough to adapt to changing conditions without sacrificing the principles which has made it a success.

For Mandrien Consulting Group, the expertise of their staff is reflected in their impeccable record. One prominent example is a small title agency that operated in 5 counties at the time of their initial consultation. Presently, the title agency has expanded its business to 43 states. Even more remarkable is the fact that this was accomplished in a six week period.

Licensing demands both organizational skills and legislative awareness. Consequently, it can be a difficult task to process without proper guidance. Mandrien Consulting Group provides a staff of professionals dedicated to monitoring legal changes across various states as part of their overall commitment to growing your business.